Who we are


The Philosophy

NAMAA is the Arabic word for growth. Enfolded within the essence of the word are multifaceted meanings that influence every aspect of the human life. It is about our growth as humans; The amplification of everything that inspires us; The evolution of the ecosystems that we inhabit.

The humans of this era of time are seekers of ingenuity. We are on a ceaseless endeavour to find what makes us feel wholesome and connected, and norms no longer suffice. Our aspirations are to balance the mind, the body and the soul, and to create a seamless harmony between intellect with instinct.

The Past

NAMAA’s roots date back to the 1990s. For decades, we have adopted our human-centric philosophies and applied them in a plethora of fields with the sole aim of empowering human growth.

Our beginnings were through Olympic Group; where the family of founders ventured into human growth in unprecedented ways. By seeking to develop environments centred around humans and their well-being, the company led change in the fields of healthcare, real estate development, logistics and facility services.

Since then, an abundance of landmarks and milestones have decorated our journey, and the best is yet to come.

The Present

NAMAA stands today as a leader in real estate development and property management. Our ideology is centred around people, and each development is an embodiment of this philosophy, be it residential, administrative or commercial.

Naturally, NAMAA properties are world-class when it comes to standards and best practices, and we realise that this alone is not enough in today’s world. Our developments are intuitive in the ways they address the needs of the entire community, and our mixed-use projects are designed with the expansion of human capabilities at the core.

Furthermore, NAMAA offerings are integrated and holistic, taking into account full-fledged facets of property management and facility management. aside an abundance of landmarks and milestones have decorated our journey, and the best is yet to come.

Our History



1939 Original founder Abdallah Sallam enters his first partnership with a capital of 5 Egyptian pounds.


1949 Sallam founds SHAHER, to be the biggest Radio and Appliances Retailer in Egypt.


1950 SHAHER becomes the pioneer of consumer goods financing in the market


1963 SHAHER is nationalised and Abdallah Sallam starts all over at the age of 46.


1968 After starting a new company, Sallam introduces the first Egyptian-made electric water heater under the brand “Olympic”


1970 Abdallah’s sons join the business and grow the business again to be one of the leading businesses in Egypt


1981 Olympic introduces the first Egyptian oil-filled radiator


1989 Olympic transforms all its companies into shareholding companies


1990 The third family generation joins the business and initiates a selection of start-ups


1995 Olympic creates the first private sector holding company in Egypt


1997 Olympic launches the first private sector IPO


1998 Olympic Group acquires IDEAL to become the biggest manufacturer of household appliances in the Middle East


1998 NAMAA is established


2002 NAMAA establishes the Egyptian Saudi Health Care Co., a joint venture with The Saudi German Hospitals – the regional leader in the healthcare field – to establish the first Saudi German Hospital in Egypt.


2006 NAMAA establishes TEEM – a Joint Venture with Majid Al-Futtaim Group – to support their expansion in Egypt.


2007 NAMAA establishes OCL a Joint Venture with Prime Cargo – a European leader in the industry – to manage and support the organisation and to deliver worldclass logistical services.


2009 NAMAA inaugurates Building 15


2010 NAMAA inaugurates Building 44


2011 Swedish giant Electrolux acquires Olympic Group


2013 NAMAA inaugurates Building 250


2015 NAMAA inaugurates Building 75


2017 NAMAA acquires Urban Station (co-working station)